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Team IBS

I have managed to get together a small team of runners for the Sheffield Half Marathon in April as its National IBS awareness month and the IBS Network is based in Sheffield so what better place to try and get more awareness out there during the race.

Team IBS next race will be the Swindon half marathon in September 2019 .. only half the team this time round but still a worthy team and a great local race for some of us.



Welcome to Team IBS

I will introduce the team members to you all. This great bunch of friends and family have all agreed to take on this very hilly course with me to help the cause. I would like to thank them all for this huge sacrifice on my behalf.



ians image

I met this great guy a couple of years ago when we were both in the same running club. Always a pleasure to run with and be around in general, Ian is now suffering from Crohns disease after years of suffering with IBS.


alisons image This lady is now a good friend of mine, we train together regularly as she needs her ass kicking to keep up the long runs but is now an avid half marathon fan, but she cant stay away from the chocolate.


ruths image This woman is possibly the funniest woman ive ever met and hopefully a friend for life ... Shes so bubbly and full of life and has recently taken up running. I am so pleased she has joined this journey with us all. Also a fellow IBS sufferer.


sarahs image What can I say about my little sister ... I can safely say she's no runner but has stepped up to the mark for the cause .. she also suffers from slight IBS.


jeffs image

Well, if you dont know who I am by now ... WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ?

I'm the loon who has put all this together, the one who will be beaten to a pulp by the team at the end of the race.The one who will have to endure the moans and groans for the rest of my life from my team. But I love them all dearly.


liz image I havnt even met this woman yet, every time we arrange to meet up something crops up. We formed a friendship on facebook around running and the fact that she was moving into the village I am originally from. I cant wait to finally meet her and run together as part of the team.


daves image My soon to be ex-brother in law .. but also a great friend.This guy will do anything to help you if he physically can. Although he's not supposed to run due to foot problems he's joining the team to help support the cause and more than likely keep everyone entertained for the day.


julias image A relatively new friend from my current running club, she moans a lot but has a heart of gold. Love days out with her subtle whit and charms, See you at the chip van after the race.


kayleighs image And last but not least my running buddy for the last two years. She has slight IBS issues as well as a lot of other problems but she makes the most of it and loves racing. She never knows where she is after a race ... oh wait shes usually asleep in the passenger seat.


kayleighs image

A latecomer to the team but still great to have onboard a fellow friend.

''Always run a bit just for fun and fitness, but recently been introduced to Park Runs and now this will be my first ever race never mind my first half marathon. Apparently I'm going to love the hills....''


I owe these people so much for doing this for and with me ... now get training you lot, we have a job to do :)



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