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A latecomer to the team but still a great team member ... probably the quietest of us all but i'm sure one day we will get him to stay out to play and get drunk with us all ... Much to the annoyance of Alison i'm sure.

Sheffield was his first outing with us all and he fitted in with the crazies, so i think we'll keep him :)

Bling Bling !


Patrick also joined myself, Julia and Alison at Lacock in June for the 10k ... for some reason they all backed out of the 3 loop half marathon.

Apart from a couple of training runs with him and Alison it's early days to pick on him for the sake of it but i'm sure that by the time Swindon half is over he will be giving as good as he gets. Swindon half will be his 2nd half of his running comeback after years away from it all, I hope he enjoys the team being back together come race day ... and Night.




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