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London Bank holiday weekend - May 2019

May bank holiday running weekend 2019
The weekend started with my local park-run. I haven’t been in months due to my IT band issues and other excuses.
Was nice and cool as I headed out the front door but that soon changed as we headed out into the morning run around Lydiard park in Swindon. .. it’s a good little route with a bit of a hill and a two lap course, but you kinda get used to it after a while.. the only concerning thing is that is mainly out in the open.. hardly any shelter from the elements.. the sun was getting hotter and making it harder for me to grab a decent result today .. I came in comfortably though in 25:12 so not a bad effort really.. I can do better.
Sunday was time for The Westminster mile in London.
Second year running the event, starting and finishing close to Buckingham Palace on the closed roads around green park.
Always a great atmosphere for the race .. early morning start and an early finish for the day so we can go and enjoy London.
I hadn’t even trained for this one this year.. I wasn’t expecting anything close to last years 07:16 as I’m still not 100% recovered with my IT band issues, but i was determined to give it a go and give it my all today. There seemed to be more runners in my wave today but Less support on the course..strange made for a bit of a mediocre starting pace which as I settled my breathing in the first half mile I managed to keep my momentum and pretty much kick my own arse today into a fantastic new Pb of 06:43 ....

something I was shocked at when I got my official result through .. I’d not only beaten last years time but also beat my previous PB by 6 seconds .. set in Savannah Georgia last September. Today was a fantastic effort..even if I do say so myself.
Bank holiday Monday was the Vitality 10’000 a great race I had previously run last year with friends and had a great day out ... Again with friends I set off out for another early start, but as my friends were running it again today, I decided to at least start in the same wave as them so as not to have to wait around all day for them to finish. The weather was again glorious sunshine most of the day.. the start line was a bit of an effort with what seemed like an endless stream of competitors compared to last year, usual toilet queues and delays but we cleared the queue just in time for our wave to start moving forward towards the start line. A lot of scantily clad women about, running for some cause..made a change to see some female skin lol
No sooner had we stood in line chatting to fellow runners around us than we were heading off into the streets of London.
Running up the mall was hard work, already people were walking and clogging up areas .. running in groups and being a pain in the arse to any seasoned race goer to be honest. This lasted forever.. there was hardly any movement going on for the first mile, so frustrating having to stop,start your pace everywhere along the route.. I was getting pissed off with it after the first 3k .. the course had so many disruptions this year, narrowing the running areas in so many places and I’m sure, a lot less toilets stops and water stations than Last years race. The mood was still a happy one along the curse though with plenty of supporters out en route..always great support when running in central London in a race.
Around the 6k mark it was getting hotter and I was flagging in the heat..partly due to to giving my all yesterday in the mile race I guess.. I kinda gave up chasing a good finishing time around this point.. it was an arduous task trying to gain ground with the crowd of runners ahead of me.. not something I’ve been used to in the past races.. casual charity runners etc don’t always stick to the rules of races. They just do what the hell they want, running and walking hand in hand with huge groups of people and cluttering up the course so no one can get past them .. would it be too much ask to be considerate of other runners and leave gaps?
The last 1k I managed to again lengthen my stride enough to pick up what I could .. still struggling with the heat and the part time runners clogging up the path ahead...
Down to the last part again, they narrowed the road .. why?
Last turn into the finish line and I managed to conjure up a bit of a sprint, hardly managing to pass anyone still as it was still clogged and congested.
Crossed the line in 00:55:54 ... not bad for first 10k in god knows how long, but nowhere near what I would have wanted ... I was held back so much today that I gave in before half way .. the throng of the crowd of runners was too dense.
Still had a great race but it was marred by the congestion and then a big balls up by the organisers for not having enough of anything to give to finishers.. all I got was my medal.

I will be back next year london but it better be better or I will simply stop running this race..we love the weekend away with friends but not at the cost of the race being overcrowded and flawed.

Westminster mile

Vitality 10'000



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