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Originally from Swindon, this antisocial creature now lives in Spain but keeps frequenting us with her pressence in races and such. She's not people friendly but we keep her on a tight leash when she's out and about with us.

We were originally in the same running club together when she cornered me and begged me to speak with her :)

Since then wev'e become good friends as we both share the love of a good Toby once in a while ... when she can't get that she comforts herself with Granola squares when she can get them. It's quiet without her being around now.

Julia was supposed to run Lisbon half with us but she got the opportunity to move to Spain a few weeks before the race so missed out being with us in Lisbon but a month later she got her arse up to Sheffield with the team for the Sheffield half marathon ... and moaned the whole 13.1 miles and then some.

Gob always ajar !


in June she was back over for the annual Lacock races ... She opted for the 10k and didnt run in her team shirt so no points for this one.

Her homage to Rod !


July it was her birthday so she was back over again for the Frome half marathon races ... again opting for the 10k and no team shirt, she failed to finish due to injury ... we will never let her forget it.


Fwiends !


Swindon half coming up, hope she's able to finish the race and get back to her running self ... it might stop her moaning - for a little while anyways.




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