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This MacDonald doesn't have a farm ... met him few years ago at local running club and ran together at a few races along the way ... as well as pissing off the local club by winning our age categories that year.

Plagued by Chron's disease his life has changed lately ... he still puts as much into his running as ever but has lately taken to posting on Grinder !



Nice Profile pics there Ian !


He does take his running seriously though but still leaning to his feminine side

Hop Skip & a Jump !


Sheffield half marathon was the first time we ran together this year but Ian was a bit shy with the camera, either that or toO fast for anyone to catch him at the race. Apart from the fact he was with his new lover Kayleigh, they kept themselves quiet.

Runfestrun myself, kayleigh and Ian had a great weekend together thanks to my sponsor Jack at Innolife. A WHOLE WEEKEND OF RUNNING and music thrown in for balance ... cracking shows from Razorlight and Olly Murs made the weekend complete.


Swindon half marathon may be a bit tough on him this year as he's been suffering with injury too but i'm quite sure he will still beat the rest of the team again on the day.




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