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First race of the year is over and was at the Farnborough half marathon.

Next race would have been my 2nd time at the Llanelli half marathon in February but was rescheduled to March, followed by the Benidorm half which is a night race.

Really looking forward to the years races and trying to gain more for the great cause.

Recently had a few press articles in local Rotherham advertiser and on the BBC News website .. view HERE.

Well, the last race of the year was eventful, so Please take the time to read my race reviews and view the galleries. The very last race I had a couple of falls by the finish line and the photos are priceless.

Race reviews for my marathon and the days leading up to it have been included now HERE

Some races already booked and sorted for 2020 and the second half of the challenge. I hope you all join me along the way as I run through the coming year.

TEAM IBS are now confirmed as running the Sheffield Half Marathon once again for March 2020

Marathons during the challenge :-

Valencia - December 2019
Sydney - September 2020
New York - November 2020 Valencia - December 2020


Everyone so far has been fantastic and donations and sponsorship has already raised £1245
I cannot thank you all enough but I hope that by the time I complete the New York marathon next year I will have reached my target of £2020 ... not a huge amount to raise but from nothing I think its a huge achievement.

New section just added as I have recently ran my first ever marathon in Valencia.


Check out the New VIDEO section here

Collection of race videos,TV appearances, training videos and memories from the challenge.




February 2020

Been asked to do something for world IBS day by a Canadian Professor. More to come on that as it unfolds.

LLanelli half marathon rescheduled to March 9th

Press article in Sheffield Star

January 2020

More press and a BBC Point west article on tv this month


Press articles in Local newspapers back in South Yorkshire


December 2019

First ever marathon completed in Valencia & Westonburt house 10k ended in a couple of falls at the finish line.

Catch up with the reviews and photographs




Question & answers with The IBS Network added in IBS section



Latest Photo shoot now open - HERE



new IBS write up in the IBS section - HERE


Team IBS ran the Swindon half marathon in September

Click image to view race review and photos's from the day



In May I was asked to speak on Chanel 5 news

about the closure of public toilets in the UK



April was IBS Awareness month ... Check out this new page HERE

ibs page logo Please drop in and read the new section which will chronicle my dietary needs, my story with IBS and my training schedule and many other things related with my IBS and my challenge for the next 20 months.



running stories link

New story just added.

Now on sale






January 2019 - September 2020 is going to be a busy time for me, as come September 2020 I will be taking on the Sydney marathon, 26 miles around the Sydney area and ending up running over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to cross the finish line right by the Sydney Opera House.

I will be attempting as my training for the marathon, 20 different half marathon races. All funded by myself but all the while trying to raise funds and awareness around the UK for my chosen charity, the IBS network.

Please take the time out to read the relevant pages and kindly donate to the IBS network charity, through the Total Giving links ... every little helps.

If you could sponsor me as much as £1 a race that would be amazing.

Thank you for being here with me along this epic journey. I look forward to updating you all on my progress in the races and with the fundraising.




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running stories link
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