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Frome half marathon July 2019

Having ran this one last year I knew what to expect from this race .... HILLS
But this small town race is full of charm and has some great support from the people of Frome ... last years event was a scorcher and the residents came out in force with their hosepipes to dowse us all down in the heat.. it was fantastic and the atmosphere just carried you through the race ..although the heat did unfortunately slow many of us down.. it was almost unbareble at times.
So, this year the sun was out nice and early and it looked as if we were in for a rerun of last year.
The registration and bag drop area look out onto the wonkiest football pitch I think I have ever seen but we are all in good spirit at this time on a Sunday morning.
Three races all set off together on this one..5k - 10k and the half marathon, but it’s only a small field of around 600 runners that it’s comfortable at the startline.
No sooner do we get to the line we are off and a sharp right turn takes us out into the first part of the race .. through housing estates where the smaller distances bear off at certain points and leave us half marathoners to the rest of the race .. the first two miles just fly by for me with sub 8minute Miles butt then we start to climb and climb as my pace drops back to a comfortable one amidst the hilly parts.. again some fantastic support out en route today though as it’s getting cloudy and a bit cooler .. huge help with my running I can tell you... I’m praying for rain as I run lol
From the shelter of the sun through the houses, we go out into the country roads .. a lot of hilly sections and some great downhills.. I really do push myself on any downhill section to make up for time lost on the uphills which lately I’ve been protecting my knees on..But today I’m doing more of the hill work..steady but surely I’m attempting to get them back in my routine of races .. it’s still hard work though after months of simply walking them to protect my injuries.
So we get to the section aptly named .. King of the hill
This is such a bastard of a hill .. half a mile upwards and chip timed section for all to see how well or badly they can achieve this obstacle. Today I knocked off an impressive minute something from last years timed section.
Then a great downhill section back through the town and all the supporters .. it’s a great feeling just flying down those bloody hills today, bu then you’re reminded that the finish line is two more hills away .. those last two hills are gonna hurt as the suns back out again and it’s getting hotter. The first one is quite large but I kicked my butt and made it up there quite sufficiently .. then the last hill.. you can almost see the finish lines last short bend into it,but it takes you all u have left to make a mark on that hill . Then bang..if you can keep your breathing right, lengthen that stride and hit home you’ve done it.
I came home in 01:54:21 ... almost 13 minutes off last years time and with a huge smile on my face for conquering this race in under two hours..something I’ve not done in a half recently due to my injuries.. maybe things are getting back to normal and I can once again enjoy those sub 2 hour half marathon results ? .. I certainly hope so.







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