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Chippenham half marathon 8th September 2019

Well, I really shouldn’t be doing this race today but here I am.

After a rather slapdash warm up by three volunteers who clearly had no idea what they were doing, but seemed to be enjoying themselves at least, we headed towards the start line to take up our places for what was to come. It was a nice clear morning, not too cold had not too hot ... yet.

Great atmosphere at the start line today as we all crammed into the pens along the lane.

No sooner we were off and heading towards the town centre, which I didn’t realise was uphill ... a fair few supporters out this morning which is always good to see. We head out of town and into the nearby lanes and villages and the sun decides to make an appearance, although not too hot as to make a huge difference to my pace.

There’s not much to see around these parts so the race isn’t much to write about ... as well as the fact that we aren’t allowed headphones which makes my races quite boring for me ... even though I wear bone conductors and have the volume really low, it’s something to focus on rather than my heavy breathing in places. So the race went by pretty much uneventful apart from the fact I was in constant pain in my right foot ... which I now know is down to Morton’s neuroma ... had I know this beforehand I probably wouldn’t have put as much effort into the race today. Although I really didn’t think I was putting in much effort, my finish time and stats say different.

Apart from a rather undulating course and a hilly section towards the last two mile before a downhill to the finish line I enjoyed this race ... I will probably do it again next year as it was well organised ... the marshals were all enthusiastic and very cheerful and supportive today which is always a bonus when you’re feeling shitty with an injury.

My challenge means a lot to me and I’m really doing my utmost to not quit on any of my races ... even if injured. Times don’t really matter, as long as the challenge gets done ... but a good sub two hour performance today has made me smile under the circumstances. Great long sleeved tshirt and medal from todays race ... I will be back next year Chippenham half.



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