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Broadtown 5 miler 15th June 2019

Broad town 5
First 5 mile race in a while, almost forgot how good they can be.
Nice little country village setting, and sort of a village fete to go with it.. stalls with raffles and cakes and foods a plenty.. kids running around the place merrily .. great atmsophere and a race thrown in on top .. what could be better?
Beautiful setting running around the small village and out into the countryside yet again. Nice steady pace for the first two miles and then in come the hills.. still not fully recovered so Hill Work is still making me walk up and bomb down any downhill sections picking up a bit of time if I’m lucky.
All in all a good little race.. one I will come back to again to see if I can manage the hills and get a decent time..
Today’s effort wasn’t too bad but have run the distance much better in the past.
Onwards and upwards though, it’s all good training towards my upcoming marathon.





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