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Broad street run - 10 miler - Philadelphia 2019

I get to go to some amazing places in my life,I guess I’m lucky.
This week it’s the Philadelphia Broad street run.. a straight fairly flat 10 mile race through the heart of the city.
The day started off with rain .. not unusual in Philadelphia I’m told .. we set off in all our gear and nice dry runners .. that wasn’t going to last too long.
We parked our car by the Stadiums .. quite spectacular bits of architecture.
Headed for the train to get us to the start line about 9miles away in the city.The trains were rammed full, runners everywhere, it was quite a sight to see and experience.. today’s race was a mere 40,000 capacity race.. my biggest field to date.the train took us forever to get to our stop but we didn’t mind, we were staying dry and our start positions were just outside the train station so all was good ...
We left the train and the rain had slowed a little.. it wasn’t THAT bad, so we queued for a quick pee which didn’t take us long, fortunately as, as we exited the toilet stations our group were walking towards the starting line.. well.. it wasn’t but we joined it anyway as we were all in different didn’t matter as we were near the back and chip timing won’t harm anything.
The start line was packed .. I’m loving the whole atmosphere with this immense crowd.. certainly something to behold if you’re used to smaller races. Excitement and fear on many faces around us .. I could tell today was going to be a good day..
We stripped off our protective rain wear .. ponchos lol
And advanced to the start ...
We set off slowly but surely and I left behind me my friends .. the road ahead was laid out in front of me ... I could see a sea of runners as far as my eye could focus on .. this long straight course is a bit daunting to think about, I’m used to the crazy ass winding routes in the U.K. .. it’s meant to be quite flat but I can bet it won’t be.
A hell of a lot of weaving in and out the slower runners for the first few miles, luckily no knee pain and my breathing was going good .. I’m enjoying the pace and keeping to it as much as I can in these conditions.. it was still raining and I was soaked through .. I gave up about 2.5 miles and the vest came off .. I was piss wet through by now so it wasn’t going to hurt anything. It was quite mild a day apart from the rain, the rain was actually doing me a favour and keeping me cool enough to not slow me down .. I hate running in the heat so this is perfect for me.
The first 5 miles were a breeze ... apart from needing to pee, which I gave in at some point and had a breather..
this race was different to most in the U.K. .. toilets everywhere and so many water and gator aid stops... it was a pleasure to be running this race today.
I’m looking for a sub 1:30 to be happy to take away with me .. my pace was spot on most of the race ... water stops and my pee included lol
I’d managed more or less my old race pace even with my injury so I was feelin good.
Towards the end of the race the road narrowed off a few times which really caused bottlenecks with the huge crowds running. But everyone was in fine friendly form and there were no problems as far as I could see.. lots of support en route despite the bad weather which slowed down somewhat as we went along the route.
By mile nine I was aching a little in my bad knee ... not so much as to make me stop or give up, but enough to ground me to a little slower pace for the last mile .. lately I’ve been trying to get the last mile time down ... but today it was not going to happen.. the large crowd and bottle necks are stopping me getting up more pace.. the finish line couldn’t be seen until the very last minute as we hit a slight left hand curve and there it was, however the throng of runners was too much to gain too much of a sprint.. I tried as much as I could and it was all over ....
what a great race it was ... a few slight inclines on the long straight road but nothing to slow me down, nothing to aggravate my injury and nothing to stop me cracking the time I had in mind for today.. was I happy ? Too right I was happy coming in at 01:27:08
My races are keeping me going through this time of injury ... somehow I’m managing to get through them without too much pain and stress within ... I’m not killing any times but I’m keeping them more or less sustained with my abilities right now. Without these races and my challenge I’m sure I would be giving up running right now because of the pain caused .. life can sure be a bitch sometimes but your mind can get you through a hell of a lot if you allow it to.
Goodbye Philadelphia till the next time..
And YES ... I will be back

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