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The website is now live and will be updated as time goes on.


Wednesday March 20th 2019

I'm not being forthcoming much with the blog as im trying to keep up with training, racing and updating the website, but this weekend was spent with fellow team IBS member Alison in Lisbon for race number 3 of the challenge .. look out for the Lisbon page HERE


Monday 28th January 2019

Inyerview with Swindon Link local free paper today, went well. im slowly getting accustomed to talking about myself at long last.


Sunday 27th January 2019

Took a few days off from running while I concentrated on my physio exercises and then ran Parkrun Saturday, not a good result with sore ankle still and a head cold which deflated my experience, but hey year and ive already done 3 Park runs and 1 race :)


Monday 21st January 2019

Im not being very productive with my blog entries so far but I will try and do better. This week saw me visit a sports physio for a problem with a tight ankle and knee pains yet again. Ive been given some exercises to do to try and help the issues and hopefully they will sort out the niggles and i can get back to running properly again and up my miles even further.

Yesterday saw the first race of the challenge completed safely and in a half decent time to say I am running with an injury. Check out the review HERE


January 15th 2019

The new year is now upon us and my challenge is in full steam .. First race in Gloucester is this weekend and im raring to go. Not had much to say of late, training is going well apart from a slight niggle in my left foot but im seeing a sports Physio this week about it and hopefully I can get it soretd without further injuries. Also had some brilliant news today that I have been accepted by a sports dietitian specialising with IBS sufferers so hopefully in the coming weeks I will have stuff to report.


December 25th 2018

New project of a raffle was started live today.


November 29th, 2018

Managed to get Photographer Paul Nichols involved with the project and first photo shoot is complete. The images will be used for press and promotional work and will be posted on the website as they are used.

    paull nichols first photo shoot for ibs networks challenge


Yesterday I had a telephone interview with Runners World magazine who are going to run an article on the challenge ahead.

Pleased to announce that I have managed to get a team of 9 runners together to run the Sheffield half marathon in April 2019, which is great news as April is IBS awareness month. Team T-shirts have been designed and will be printed as soon as I can get the order together for everyone in the team.

team ibs tshirt designIBS network ran a photograph on social media on Tuesday 27th November to promote the challenge as it was Giving Tuesday in the UK. It seemed to do the trick and i received my first donation.

  giving tuesday ibs network image  

October 10th, 2018

Trying to get sponsorship from big names is really hard work, they already have given their time and money to causes already but you would think that certain companies would want to be included in adding to the cause of such a small charity that is being overlooked. And when you are one of possibly 2 companies that are cornering the market with their drugs, its almost unbeliveable to think they wouldnt want to help out a little bit


Thursday, October 4th,2018

Article in Swindon Advertiser was published today .. view it on the press pages HERE


Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018

Interview with Swindon Advertiser went well today, feeling good about it all. Hopefully will be in tomorrows edition.


Pre Blog

Saturday 22nd September 2018

Work on the website is almost completed and meeting today with my marketing manager to discuss possible contacts to try and gain sponsorship from local community and further afield. Look at contacting local press and radio pre January's first event and get together contact details for said possibilities.

Permissions to use certain logos have been granted so can now work on designing my running vests.


Thursday 14th September 2018

Meeting with charity personnel went well ... discussed the ins and outs of what I have planned so far as far as what we both want from each other. The outlook is looking great ... permissions to move ahead with it all have been successful.




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