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We started this journey off together on paper as she gave me help and advice with marketing the idea and pitching it to companies as I put together the whole idea of my challenge, and along the way we have had many words and arguements about the way I am freely open with my words and thoughts on the challenge and my IBS. Checking my grammar and spelling and constantly telling me off about my i's ... oops I'S

Many an hour ive spent helping her train for races ... not as many as I shouldve spent with her kicking her arse to motivate her, but she's a busy woman most of the time so I give her some slack. She's had some injuries along the way that have held her back this year too but shes managed to do some Half marathons despite this. She has really come on with her running through the year and is a lot more confident than she was when we first ran together last year.

In March we travelled to Lisbon in Portugal for the Lisbon half marathon ... we set off together at the start and up to half way ... she did a great job, but I needed to be off and left her at halfway to go it alone, she was probably glad of the rest from me pushing her onwards throughout ... and the embarrasment of an earlier pee stop :)

She's not very confident with her race photo's, as you can see !


In April the team ran in Sheffield for the half marathon and again she rose to the challenge ... with a LOT of resistance and moaning along the way , but we all had a great weekend with each other and have all vowed to run it again in 2020

She always manages to drag along some unsuspecting member of the public for a selfie.


In May we ran the Brighton half marathon together, much to Alisons dismay it was a 7 lap course. She was really struggling towards the end so I jumped back on the course and ran her final lap with her ... she really needed a good arse kicking that day, but thankfully her daughter didn't see it.

She cant be serious


Due to her many commitments we didnt race together again until Lacock half marathon in June ... it was another hot day in the lovely Wiltshire countryside ... Alison only did the 10k but it was a challenging course on a red hot day.

Patrick,Alison and I ran as Team IBS

Julia was with us but no shirt, no accolade !!!


Swindon half marathon next on the agenda and hopefully Alison will rise to the challenge once more ... before winter kicks in and she loses the will to train with me yet again :)





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