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Brighton Run2Music half marathon 11th May 2019

Hot on the heals of last weeks ten miler in Philadelphia I ran the Brighton half marathon only six days between races, so I was pretty hyped up still but yet a little jet lagged from the heavy travel I had endured this last week.
Long drive down to Brighton but arrived safely Friday night. Saturday morning.... race day and another early start even though the race was due to start at 12:30 we had to go pick up our bibs and introduce myself to one of the race coordinators as I’d been liaising with her for months re some promotional stuff with them.

All race prep done early then realised I had no running socks with me .. what a dipshit I can be at times, so we had to set off really early to go into Brighton-itself to buy running socks...
Socks bought and paid for so we set off the two mile hike back to the start line ... the weather was kind of warm so we took our time walking along the sea front and all that fresh air.
Sounds perfect doesn’t it?
Yes well, along the route my guts decided to play up.. real bad stomach cramps.. IBS symptoms .. not had a bad attack in months of racing .. but I knew the signs. As we walked the sea front the pains turned towards the south ... I was getting desperate to empty myself by this point .. I certainly daren’t fart right now lol
Luckily they beach had lots going on this weekend and I just made it to a portal ... not the best places to use but hey ... when you gotta go you gotta go.
Stomach cramps continued for a short while but thankfully subsided later on as we picked up bibs and stuff I had to do.. before the rain started. It was only light rain so not a huge problem.. I was rained on last week in Philly so I wasn’t bothered.
The race also had a 5k and 10k going off today so we got to watch them start and finish before we lined up for a brief warmup session onstage and a kids dance troupe that I must say.. the lead boy was amazing .... he blew the res of the dancers away.
I’m not sure how many runners there were today but it wasn’t. A huge crowd.. certainly not the 36’000 I experienced last weekend in Philly lol
Start line we set off at the front few rows and really not that many behind us.. it was a nice set up and easily relaxed atmosphere for a start line for a half marathon.
The route ahead wasn’t great .. an out and back event with a long incline off to one side before joining the long out and back section. The worst part being that we had to run 7 laps of this course .. it wasn’t very imaginative and the hill section was a real bitch with my IT band still playing on me like a bitch.
We set off though in sunshine after the rain but there were more clouds heading our way, which to be honest it was still warm enough and the rain would possibly help cool us down while running. I managed the first lap in under 8minutes .. I do like to get a good first mile in and out of the way as I feel it helps open up my lungs better than a slower paced first mile.. it is seeming to help me right now that’s for sure.
The first 10k I was doing good at around 53 minutes I think ... best 10k time in a while that I had actually taken notice of whilst running.
I was protecting myself on the hills yet again.. the turn towards they hill was very accuse so I actually stopped to walk round the bend and had. About of a breather each time before attempting the hill in a much slower pace.. the downhill though I ran like hell to pick up the lost time.. my downhill running is getting better I must admit recently.
Along the route there was plenty of things to take in,the beach, supporters and some great music being blasted from the organisers and other avenues along the route.. it was a great relaxed course with not too many runners so no weaving in and out all the time, and people were so friendly today.. as we all passed one another on the opposite side in the laps, there was a lot of smiles and greetings from fellow runners.. it’s always nice when that happens and you get chatting mid run etc etc. It makes for a nicer atmosphere and you can appreciate the race better I always think.
I managed the first 1 mile in my vest but then it inevitably came off again lol ... not the best beach body you’ve ever seen but I’m 52 ... who cares, but it certainly makes my races easier to deal with. I need to hit the gym again now I’m healing more and gaining some strength back ... I will lose this 10lbs ive put back on since being out with injury.
Lap five came pretty quickly considering it set off raining again a few times during the race.. it cooled me down and I was loving it. So I hit the toilet round about this lap somewhere and settled back into the last push.
I lapped my team mate Alison here somewhere, she was struggling with it today bless her but she wasn’t giving in just yet .. I walked a few steps with her at the top of the hill and reassured her she could do it, before hitting the slope downwards again at a gooooooood strong pace before stopping at the bottom for water... I have stopped in the Sam emplacement on-every lap .. keeps me grounded and oiled lol
The female marshal on the next turn round point was egging me on all the way today, she was doing a fantastic job so as I got my last lap I high fives her and said goodbye and thanked her for her support.. she commented on every lap I made today .. well, after I took my shirt off she did lol
That last home straight was amazing,I managed to pick up a bit more pace and managed to pass one of the female runners I’d been chatting to along the way,she passed me a while ago and I wished her good luck, but in the last 500 metres I found one last push and over took her and a few others before a goooooood last sprint to the line.
I was a tad upset that I hadn’t beaten the two hour curtain I’m usually getting without injury but at 02:01:40 it wasn’t too bad of a result and to be pain free was a huge bonus in the end so MAYBE I’m healing.
The race announcer did me proud today.. every time I lapped by the finish line he announced my name and what I was running for and the fact I was running my challenge of 20 half marathons in 20 months.. it was a really nice touch and the crowd went wild every time too .. such an inspirational thing to hear when you’re counting down the laps to the end.
He however missed me coming over the finish line.. think I was sprinting too fast for him to notice me but he saw me stood behind him in a quiet moment and then shouted me out over the mike saying I’d done lol .. he made my day today.

My teammate Alison still had a lap to do so I hung around waiting for her with her family, who had brought my DSLR camera with them for me.. I could at least get som shots of her entering her last lap. But then I decided I would cross the start line again and go on her last lap with her for support.. she was waiting so I knew my being alongside her would help her get through it.. she was tired bless her but I knew she wouldn’t give in today as her daughter was there for the first time to see her finish a race. We did a slow paced last lap, she took it easy on the hill and stopped for water like me, I have drummed it into her to stop for water in races. The lady on the turn shouted at me for putting my top back on as she was surprised to see me again after I said I’d done lol .. she was great .. got chance to thank her properly as Alison carried on ahead of me.. I caught back up to her and she really was going through it today, I said look, you can see the end, you’re daughter is awaiting you your can’t give up now.. I said walk a bit now and catch your breath before we hit the finish line.. she can’t see you walking until we get closer so she will never know .. she had a breather and walked and I said I’ll run on ahead and get some pics of you at the end.. the last 30 metres or so I was ahead of her and started to run backwards to the finish line.. my mate the commentator was going mad cos he couldn’t see who it was that was crazily running backwards lol .. he then clicked who it was and said ..oh... it’s only Jeff he’s already finished ages ago but but well done lol
So I managed to get some shots of Alison’s finish line on her third half marathon of this year.
Brighton run2music was a great relaxed race and certainly one I’ll remember.


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Part of the press release from the Run2music organisers

Half Marathon Runners, Jeff Finnie, 52, and Alison Osborne-Roberts 50 had travelled all the way from Swindon to participate. Jeff had just this week competed in the Philadelphia Broad Street Run 10 miler with 40,000 runners before making his way to Brighton to run for his chosen charity The IBS Network. Jeff said of Brighton Run2Music, “It was a very intimate event with lots of interaction & comradery between the runners. Due to the course being laps, runners were acknowledging each other, which doesn’t usually happen in races, it made it really special. It was like running with a group of friends.
Jeff continued, “The special attention from the Jack the Lad was amazing. At every lap he made a comment about the runners to keep us going. He missed me crossing the finish line and then turned round and saw me and announced over the speaker “Jeff has finished everyone!” which really made my day. Urban City Dance were amazing, they put on a really good show. All in all, it was a fantastic day. Jeff has currently raised £1,000 for IBS Network.





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